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Our baby's
Tuesday, 26 June 2012 00:00

No baby's available for now!


the Tyson & Helin baby's already moved to their new homes!




Plans are a litter from Freya (F3-litter)

and a litter from Heron (F2-litter)







For more information and/or questions, don't hesitate to e-mail us!


Our kitty's leave afther the age of at least 14 weeks, and their weight is over one kilo.

They grow up in our livingroom, amid all household noises, our other cats, visitors and our dog so they will be well socialized.

We also visit our grandma in the nursery, so the kitty's will get to know other places and learn to deal with traveling.

Don't know who enjoys those visits more....grandma or the kitty's? Wink


We also clean their ears, clip their nails and open their mouths frequently, so they will be used to that.

They also will be bath frequently, so that's no biggie for them eaghter!


When our kitty's are ready to move out they will be dewormed (milbemax), chipped, spayed or neuterd and fully vaccianated.

They all leave with a pedigree, EU Passport, contract and a declaration of ownership.


Of course they get a fun and easy survival-kit with them to their new homes! There lies about everything to make the  transition as easy and relaxing as possible!

As the food they are used to, their favorite toys, a blanket and much more interesting and usefull things.

And also a present for the new owners.


There the Sphynx can't stand to be alone (exeptions) we do not sell our kitty's to a home where they will be kept alone without a mate!

A buddy of course does not necessairily have to be another Sphynx (it's very nice ofcourse!).

But another (race-) cat or a dog will be fine!


The kitty's moving abroad also get a Rabies-vaccination.

In the rare occation we sell breeding-kitty's, however only to trusted and responsable breeders.






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Enkele herplaatsers beschikbaar
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We hebben enkele herplaatsers beschikbaar, zowel naakte als behaarde katten.

Bestel nu je HCM Sphynx Kalender 2014!!
There are no translations available.

De kalender voor 2014 is weer binnen en natuurlijk ook te bestellen!!

Kijk op de pagina bij "Kalender" hoe je deze kan bestellen of mail naar catterymarezh@home.nl

Leuk als kado voor de feestdagen en natuurlijk onmisbaar voor elke Sphynx-liefhebber!!