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How and Why? (Outcross)
Monday, 11 May 2009 19:45
Just as some other Cattery’s we have a so called “outcross-program” with the domestic housecat or Europian Shorthair.We started this for various reasons.The first one, is to get more genetic diversity within the breed.Besides that, the quality of the breed is diclining really fast.The cats become more and more fragile, a divelopment that we don’t want to happen at all!!And, the retreating chin is also a big problem!These two points were reason enough for us to begin our outcross-program. With being very selective wich cats will be used in these programs, you can start to improve sertain (body) types, colours and genetics.To be sure we use the best healthy cats, all of them will be tested for HCM, PKD, FIV, FELV and also for DNA. Bobby, the mother of our Abigail was a EUS and had a nice chin, and was a big female.That’s why we chose her to rais our very first Hybride litter!And look at the gorgious baby’s she got!!Abigail was all we hoped for, and more!! She’s healthy, big and has a nice chin!!We even took her to shows, to get the opinions of some judges, and they all loved her! J
Our Abigail is the first generation, a so called F1-hybride. The number behind the F marks the generation.Abigail’s baby’s will be F2, the second generation, and kittens from a F2 will be called F3 ect ect. The first generation wil always be furr-kittens because the “Sphynx-gen” isn’t dominant, but needs two to tree generations to become dominant. Most time you see changes in the coat, like shorter, no undercoat ect ect.A F2-litter will be 50-50, theoretically half of the litter will be bald, the other half will be furr. The thirth generation will always be bald.All our outcross cats get a parentage evidence in stead of a pedigree and are approved with our catfancy.The F4 kittens will receive a “real” pedigree again. Something that seems to be very “dominant” is the caracter!! JFrom the first generation to begin with, they all have the same silly, lovely and easy-going caracter as a “pure bred” Sphynx!So for people who love the caracter AND furr....the hybride’s are the next best thing! ;-)
And so we can breed “real” Sphynx kittens afther 4 generations!At Februari the 23th we got two really stunning looking F2 kittens from Abigail!Strong, healthy, amazing body typed and bald kittens!!Yess...we are really proud!! If you would be interested about having your own F1, F2 or F3 kitty??Or if you would like more information about our outcross-program??Don’t hesitate to contact us!! J

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