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Marezh's Abigail
Sunday, 03 May 2009 20:19



 ur This is our Abigail, a F1-hybride or Semi-Sphynx!

Abby inherited her father's disposition. Because she acts just like a furry Sphynx! ;-)
She loves to cuddle, playing with Ezra and doing all the stuff she's not allowed to do!
A nice chunk of meat, that's always very welcome.

When Abiagail passes all her tests and is over one year old, we'll go and find her a nice Sphynx-boyfriend.
Her babies will be 50% naked and 50% hairy, so that's going to be a really "suprise-litter"!
We're really looking forward to that moment!!

Abi tested negatively for HCM, FIV and FELV




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