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Taking care of your Sphynx
Monday, 11 May 2009 19:43
Here you can find everything about (how we) take care of (our) Sphynx cats..

We bath out cats about once every two or three weeks.
Our cats need that, others more or less, depending on the skin of the indiviadual cat.
Probably everyone has their own way of bathing their catss, so do we! It varies from cat to cat!
Ezra hates to be washed, so to make it as less stressful for her we soap her up, and wash it away with a cup and a bucket with nice warm water.
As she can't stand the noise that the shower makes.
Max on the other hand likes to take showers. We use a special shampoo or Dove-soap.

Ather the bath we'll also clean their ears really good.
If the ears are really dirty we clean them as much as needed.
We also clip their nails once a week, so that the Sphynx don't hurt each other wile playing.
We are strongly against de-clawing!!!

During the summer we'll protect our cats against the sun with a high-quality sunblock!
We use the kind for babies, because those are safe for the cats if they should lick it up, and they also have a high factor.

We are asked all the time if Sphynx don't get cold very fast? The answer is; No!
However they can't stand draft! Our adult cats go, if they choose so, outside during the wintercold.
But all Sphynx love nice warm place's like under blanket's, fleece basket's or snuggle up against each other.
Also appreciated are our sweaters! As our cats have acces to the whole house they also enjoy to sleep on our bed.

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